Simple Math 2

simple math books 2 (1).png

I am so excited that Simple Math 2 is here. I wanted to bring you EVEN more higher level topics, at YOUR kids levels. With so many levels these differentiated materials can be used for all students as introductions, curriculum,  independent work, and generalization materials.


TIME is finally here! The time books practice a variety of skills, all separated out to teach directly. You could always mix and match the books to create a book with mixed pages for higher level students too!


Addition with Touchmath is a great way to introduce addition to students who have mastered one to one correspondence. The subtraction books look the same as the addition, which is a great way to move from skill to skill with familiarity!


I LOVE MEASUREMENT. These books are too cute and functional! In order to fit lots of measurements into the books, the books are to scale.

measurement (1).png

Every book has a matching file folder tasks! LOTS of file folders included for tons of practice!

file folders (1).png

& I can’t get over the cutest little ruler to use with the file folders 🙂


To grab all this and more head to the simple math tab in my TPT store! Stay tuned, Simple Math 2 workbooks are coming soon!

simple math books 2.png

If you loved Simple Math 2, you need to check out my best selling Simple Math 1 curriculum, the skills are more basic and the perfect place to start!

Simple Math Curriculum.png




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